The Chamber – UK Parliament Week

The Chamber is an immersive, one day, theatre-based workshop that invites participants to take a seat in a fictionalised parliamentary chamber. Each participant will be given a specific fictional constituency with information on budgets, demographics and needs within that constituency, they will also be assigned a fictional Political Party to represent. Although fictionalised, the workings of The Chamber will be based as much as possible on the real workings of our Parliamentary democracy.
This experiential workshop promotes active citizenship and civic responsibility by placing participants in the role of those with political power. During the course of the day the participants will be invited to debate specific issues relevant to their constituencies and their own lives. They will be challenged and have to manage opposing views, lobbying and the difficulties presented by a parliamentary system.
Our aim is to educate participants in the workings of the political and civic system within the UK and to invite them to consider their roles as individual members of UK society.
This workshops aims to…..

•Give realistic insight into the UK Political system
•Challenge individual perceptions of citizenship
•Develop active citizenship and civic responsibility
•Build confidence to share opinions
•Develop personal responsibility
•Develop decision making skills
•Improve communication skills
•Develop skills to manage conflict effectively

The Chamber has been designed by Face Up Theatre in consultation with Rideout Arts for Rehabilitation. The workshops are subsidised with funding from Arts Council England.  The workshop is adaptable for all groups. We are working with a variety of groups including, School Children, Prisoners, University Students, Children in Care and Adults with moderate learning disabilities. 

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