Our Work


We are based in derby shire provide creative and experiential workshops to schools and alternative ed providers across the U.K


We love working with all members of the community and have developed work in Prisons, Care Settings and Hospitals.


We love taking theatre to communities. Theatre for us is not a space but an experience.


We are based in derbyshire, provide creative and experiential theatre in education  workshops across the U.K

From behaviour management in schools to building confidence for job interviews; we pride ourselves on delivering theatre in education programmes that are empowering, fun, challenging, safe and interactive, for students and staff in schools across the UK.


Students who attend this one hour theatrical psycho-educational presentation will learn about some fundamental psychological theories that underpin human behaviour. Including learning about the behaviour and Brain function and in particular the impact of the lymbic system (fast brain) on cognitive processing.  The presentation includes a demonstration of our popular masks. This presentation is memorable and very engaging. Schools always ask us to come back. Watch the Video

E Safety

Whether we like it or not our children will go online. With most children getting a smart phone between the ages of six and thirteen, we need to make sure they are capable of managing their behaviour on the internet. This interactive drama-based presentation and workshop for KS 2 brings to life issues relevant to internet safety and cyber bullying. The focus of the workshop is to raise awareness of Internet safety issues whilst also building empathy and asking participants to take personal responsibility for their own behaviour online. Participants will be given opportunities to discuss and practice ways of keeping themselves and others safe online.


Its not what you know but who you know, or so they say. Well its probably a bit of both, but its certainly true that those that build good relationships and diverse networks of friends, certainly seem to have a more fullfilled life and more opportunities tend to come their way. On the other hand if your relationships are insular and negative even abusive then your life will probably not go so well.  In this workshop students will explore what is required to form healthy relationships and also how to effectively manage relationships that are not so healthy.  We know that just talking about relationships is not enough, its about relating after all and that takes practice. There will be opportunities to put learning on its feet in this workshop!

Resilience and Growth

Life is a challenge sometimes. I can see you rolling your eyes, maybe you’ve had a challenging day today! All children will at some point in their life face challenges. Their ability to bounce back  is fundamental to developing a happy life. We want kids to be resilient. In this practical drama based workshop, children will explore how to overcome the obstacles that life might throw at them. Areas of focus are Motivation (do i want this?), Internal Obstacles (Negative thinking), External Barriers (The enviroment around me that stop me) and Networks (Do I know the right people?).

Coffee and a chat?

We are always interested in developing new work with Schools. We are happy to come along and see you and always very interested to hear what is important to you. We know that money is always a question but we have a good network of associates who can help us find the funds for the work should we need to.

Community Theatre

At Face Up we are pasionate about bringing our work to as many diverse communities as possible. We are particularly keen to work with hard to reach communities.

Our team have created work with people in a wide variety of settings, including Prisons, Mental Health Hospitals, Childrens Homes, Pain Management Clinics, Drug Rehab Services and Social Services.

We believe strongly that the Arts are an incredibly powerful force for affecting change in individuals and communities.  Our approach is inclusive and safe. We focus on the stories and experiences of those we work with. I aim is to validate their experience whilst empowering them to make change in their personal life and the lives of others, oh and have lots of fun doing it!

Recent Shows

Augustus and His Smile

A show for children from 3 – 8 yrs of age (although younger children have enjoyed it too!!). Based on the book by Catherine Rayner.

“Augustus the Tiger is sad, he has lost his smile”
Join Augustus on a journey across the world and through his emotions. Help him find his smile and along the way consider the question…

What makes us Happy?

"I would recommend this show to other schools because it is engaging, multi sensory and most of all the children loved it!"
Miss Petri
Yr1 Teacher, Cherry Tree Hill School, Derby.

The show is not currently touring, however if you are interested in Augustus coming to your school, please get in touch. We have successfully  worked with consortium’s of schools in specific areas in the past to obtain funding.  We can make it happen!

The Chamber

Interactive Game based Theatre for Adults and Young People, exploring the UK political System. The show promotes active citizenship and civic responsibility.

During the course of the game the players will be invited to debate specific issues relevant to their constituencies and their own lives. They will be challenged and have to manage opposing views, lobbying and the difficulties presented by a parliamentary system. Our aim is to educate participants in the workings of the political and civic system within the UK and to invite them to consider their roles as individual members of UK society.

This workshops aims to…..
•Give realistic insight into the UK Political system
•Challenge individual perceptions of citizenship
•Develop active citizenship and civic responsibility
•Build confidence to share opinions
•Develop personal responsibility
•Develop decision making skills
•Improve communication skills
•Develop skills to manage conflict effectively


Don't just take our word for it!

Evaluation of Augustus and His Smile

A devised performance by Face Up Theatre Company based on the acclaimed book Augustus and His Smile. Exploring the notion of emotional well being and celebrating difference, we join Augustus on his adventures through the undergrowth to the top of the highest mountains in search of his smile.

We have toured this show across the UK and it has been seen by over 4000 children.

Evaluation of The Chamber

This is an evaluation of the development phase of The Chamber. The main focus of this page is the evaluation of the Pilot Tour. We evaluated four distinct groups that we worked with, these were Sixth Form Students in main stream education, Undergraduate students, Prisoners and Looked After Children accessing alternative education provision.

Each group experienced a day long workshop that explored the process of Parliamentary democracy. The day focused on developing the skills and knowledge to effectively share and take action about issues that effect people in society.