Creative approaches to learning

We have worked with staff teams from many different organisations. People love working with us because our training is creative, fun, practical and very memorable. Our customers can also be confident that the money they invest in training from Face Up Theatre will go back into supporting our work with disenfranchised people in community settings. This is great for you Corporate Social Responsibility and great for the children and adults we work with.

Performance Managment

Holding a conference?

The Benefits

A Creative Approach

Our training helps individuals and organisations develop creative approaches to problem solving. We have worked with City Councils, Schools, Business, Police, Fire Service and Mental Health Staff.

Doing it…

Theres often a lot of talk about creative thinking, however creativity doesn’t work in isolation, it is a practical, physical and mental process. Imagine the writer sitting in front of their laptop desperately searching for inspiration. Nothing comes. To think differently we need to do differently. Our training invites people to get up on their feet and physically move away from the problem, re set the context and approach it from a different angle.

"The best training I have been on"

“Very useful insight into the management of behaviour and having difficult conversations with colleagues.”
“Excellent Training – Love how role play was used so effectively. Really brought up things I wouldn’t have thought of.” Comments from Nottingham City Council Employees


Holding Difficult Conversations and Performance Management

This is a one day experiential training input for managers and supervisors.

The day is a combination of theory and practice. We have delivered this specific training to hundreds of individuals in both public and private sector organisations in the east midlands and nationaly.

The learning aims for the day are to

  • Develop confidence in raising challenging issues with colleagues
  • Explore some theoretical models that underpin human behaviour
  • Challenge perceptions of partticular behavioural traits
  • Recognise how our own natural responses can inadvertently make situations worse
  • Recognising and understanding the Masks we wear that can be barriers to communication
  • Question some of the underlying emotions that may contribute to performance managment
  • Identify and practice specific conversations with peers


Theatre for Conference

Bring your conference message to life. Face Up Theatre can create for you a bespoke and engaging, interactive forum theatre performance that will engage and motivate your conference in the themes that you want to communicate.

Face Up will work with you and your team to devise a bespoke interactive case studies that bring to life the issues and themes you wish to address in conference.

"Really brought the issues to life"

The Benefits

Memorable experience
    •    Your team are not just hearing the message – they are experiencing the message
    •    Its fun and entertaining – people remember fun things
    •    Theatre engages the audience emotionally and empathically

Team Building
    •    The interaction will get your team talking to each other
    •    By taking part in the action, identifying barriers and playing out solutions your team will be working towards a common aim.

    •    Due to the unique style of impartial feedback that is part of the performance, you will hear what really matters to your team and your business.

Value for money
    •    Our interactive theatre performances can train 100’s of people in one go at a low cost per head when compared to more traditional classroom training. By addressing a bigger audience we can spread a message more efficiently across an entire workforce.

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