The Chamber – Theatre of Political and Civic Empowerment

Partners needed

Face Up Theatre are in the process of developing new immersive theatre performance. We are interested in hearing from partners who may have an interest in the project and want to be part of it either as a venue or collaborator.

In the 2017 General Election around 69% of those eligible to vote turned out.

This leaves 31% unaccounted for.

According to a poll by Survation in 2013 the majority of those who do not Vote give the following reasons.

“All Political Parties are the same”

“My vote won’t make a difference”

“I’m not interested in Politics”

“My beliefs are not represented”

“I don’t have enough information to make an informed choice”

We aim to create a show that places its audience in the centre of the political system. The audience will be personally involved in a show that brings to life the political system in the UK.

We are particulary interested in working with groups of people who have historically felt disenfranchised. This might be Children in Schools, Students at University, Prisoners, Adults with Learning Disabilities, Refugees and other community groups that may be affected by this issue.


Theres a space @junction28

A day for artists to make work and network in response to space, place and the concept of "temporary" All

All Artists of all disciplines and backgrounds welcome. Your Children are welcome too.

The Place
3 Maisies way, South Normanton, DE55 2DS
The Rate
This is a cultural, not financial, exchange.
The Date
15th July 2017 10.30 – 16.00
Contact or call 07752986401 to book